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With a forward lookIGS srl puts a big effort in creating and developing a network of companies to offer a wide range of services, all guaranteed by figures that made of every specific service their profession. The strong framework of connections widens IGS’s offer, starting from engineering, to photogrammetry, to laboratory tests, etc.
Main connections: ITS srl: the sharing of common services and core business is for the two companies a new way of working, and sees a mutual exponential growth. ITS srl is an engineering service company that is well-known throughout the national territory, which oversees with various offices.
R’bk srl: the link with R’bk laboratory offers a complete range of soil and rock testing, with quality certified by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transports and the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. R’bk srl represents 40 years of experience and three work  areas: geotechnical, chemical and construction materials.


ITS engineerig is an consulting firm tha put at the center of their attention the core business related to actual themes of maintenance and  care of infrastructures, building works, and territories with developed economies, as well as the sustainable growth in developing countries. ITS uses the complexity as a method of approaching problems, the multidisciplinarity as a tool and sustainability as the endpoint, finding in this mode its own competitive repositioning.
Consistent with this, ITS has given itself an evolutionary governance model, with an open structure made of departments flexible in the use of resources, oriented to the development of highly specialized skills within a growth project, AUCTUS 2016, which collects the experience gained in decades of activity, with updated languages, in tools and skills, to be lowered in its ongoing transformation process.
With AUCTUS 2016 (from latin, meaning development, growth) the company has been structured in federated engineering sites equipped with dedicated and specialized personnel each with their own department manager, that allows management and development autonomy.
The company has a quality management system certified in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standards since 2006.

Rbk Testing Laboratory

The Ríbk S.r.l. Laboratory was estabilished in 1977. Authorized with Ministerial Decree n. 16595 (art. 20 L.1086/71) the 21/07/77, ISO 9001 certified with a 2008 D.N.V, assosiaced to ALIG, since 40 years guarantees the competence of its personnel to construction companies, public bodies and administrations. The Laboratory’s activity is considered of public utility, pursuant to art. 20 paragraph III of Law 1086/71 and of art. 59 of the D.P.R. 380/01. Thanks to a continuing growth and innovation, today it offers a wide variety of testing, subdivided in 4 sectors of activity: geotechnical, chemical and construction materials.
Ríbk is able to assist the client in sampling and onsite testing, thanks to a mobile unit. The activity is also developed in other related fields, such as structural diagnostics (non-destructive tests, static and dynamic load tests, vibrations) and technical physics (acoustic and thermal tests).

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