Geophysics DPT – Geophysical investigations on rope with advanced mountaineering techniques, indirect, non-invasive geophysical studies, 3D modeling

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IGS srl’s Geophysical Analysis department – through the combination of various indirect, non-invasive geophysical methods, and 3D modeling – has the solution to every problem, even through rope operations with advanced mountaineering techniques, used by the Alpine Rescue and the Alpine Guides. The physical and geometrical characterization of buried structures with no direct methods, represents a great opportunity, which IGS srl offers with the most advanced instrumentation and analysis techniques. In addition to conventional methods, used by IGS srl to perform for example detailed seismic parameterizations (both in the hole and on the surface), the offer includes unconventional methods, such as 3D acquisitions with irregular geometries (including reflection), recordings hole-surface, applications on large structures, seismic monitoring, etc.

IGS srl is able to follow the entire process ranging from the planning of the surveys, to their execution and processing, to 3D modeling, up to the site-specific parameterization (eg Local Seismic Response Studies).

Seismic methods

  • Seismic refraction (P and SH waves)
  • Seismic refraction with tomographic method (P and SH waves) 2D – 3D
  • Seismic reflection (P and SH waves)
  • Analysis of inelastic attenuation and determination of the Quality factor
  • Seismic down-hole
  • Seismic between cross-hole holes
  • Seismic with seismic cone
  • Geotomographic prospecting (between surveys and topographic surface) P and SH waves
  • 3D transparency tomographic seismic (ultrasonic)
  • VSP and Walk-Away VSP
  • MASW (Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves) – disjoint and joint processing in Rayleigh and Love waves
  • ESAC (Extended Spatial Autocorrelation)
  • SPAC (Spatial Averaged Coherency)
  • ReMi (Refraction Microtremors)
  • HVSR (Horizontal-to-Vertical Spectral Ratio)
  • Joint analysis of phase and group velocity

Electrical methods

  • 2D – 3D electrical tomography
  • SEV Vertical Electric Survey
  • SEO Horizontal Electric Surveys
  • Electrical tomography in the hole
  • Areal mapping of resistivity
  • Induced polarization
  • Spontaneous potential (PS)


  • Horizontal / vertical 2D and 3D wireless prospecting
  • Mapping of underground services

Other non invasive geophysical applications

  • PIT Wireless Pile Integrity Test
  • Mapping of underground services with multifrequency locator and generator

Geophysical Investigations - Examples of performed services

Indagini Geofisiche Sperimentali in parete e rilievi geomeccanici, metodi non convenzionali - vajont
Indagine geofisica sperimentale in parete Ponte Tubo, Diga del Vajont
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Autostrada A2 del Mediterraneo – Viadotto Italia e Salso
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Sistemazione della S.P.31 “Strada della Ripa” – Vezzano Ligure (SP)
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IGS ha svolto le indagini geofisiche, i rilievi geomeccanici e le modellazioni per la Funivia Valgrande-Staunies, Monte Cristallo - Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL)
Nuova stazione di arrivo Funivia Valgrande-Staunies
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