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IGS Srl deals with design and construction issues related to rocks and soils, both in nature and in their interaction with infrastructures.
It supports public entities, service and construction companies both in planning and implementation phases, and post-implementation.
The principal sectors of activity of this department are related to geothechnical engineering and engineering geology, to the study and modeling of landslide phenomena, to the design of defense works, and to geotechnical and structural monitoring.

IGS Srl is able to follow the entire process starting from prospection planning to soil/rock testing, to modeling and geotechnical design, and to monitoring, with the aim of evaluating the correspondence with the project expectations.

Examples of performed services

Rilievi in parete, modellazioni, progetto messa in sicurezza del piano viabile
Caduta massi lungo la S.R. 355 “di Val Degano”
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Indagini Geofisiche Sperimentali in parete e rilievi geomeccanici, metodi non convenzionali - vajont
Indagine geofisica sperimentale in parete Ponte Tubo, Diga del Vajont
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Bologna: Indagini geofisiche e geognostiche, progettazione geologica, geotecnica e sismica
Pontelungo di Bologna – Progettazione definitiva ed esecutiva
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