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Innovative Geotechnics &
Geophysics Services

IGS srl


In recent years, the changing climate caused extreme weather conditions on a worldwide scale, producing catastrophic hydrological events.
For Italy this is particularly true, adding the fact that is a seismically active country.
Recently, financial resources were made available to mitigate hydrological and seismic risks, but the effective transfer of these to the territory needs an innovative and organized approach, consisting of a new way to deal with a continuously updated technical and procurement legislation.

Who we are

IGS Srl – Geotechnics & Geophysics is an highly specialized service company, composed of a team of young professionals,
that already demonstrated potential both nationally and internationally.

Some Projects Realized

Indagini Geofisiche Sperimentali in parete e rilievi geomeccanici, metodi non convenzionali - vajont
Indagine geofisica sperimentale in parete Ponte Tubo, Diga del Vajont
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Belluno - Cortina 2021
Piano straordinario ANAS per l’accessibilità a “Cortina 2021”
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Progettazione geologica, geotecnica, sismica, Indagini geofisiche e geognostiche
Mondiali “Cortina 2021” – infrastrutture e strutture sportive
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Autostrada Milano Serravalle – ponte su fiume Po
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