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Geophysical and geotechnical surveys – services relating to geotechnical, seismic and geological engineering: we operate throughout Italy with punctuality and reliability

IGS srl is a highly specialized company founded in 2018 with the intent of offering services of geophysical and geognostic surveys, monitoring, geology and geotechnical engineering, with a new innovative and organized approach. The company is made up of a team of geologists and engineers who work in synergy and with passion on each project dealt with, adopting a multidisciplinary and highly specialized approach. Always looking for new stimuli, IGS srl proposes and develops cutting-edge solutions in the various fields of application. The entire process ranging from data acquisition, processing, restitution and modeling, is followed directly by IGS srl: geotechnical, seismic, geomechanical aspects are treated in a combined way, ensuring a result of great detail.

IGS is the acronym of “Innovative Geotechnics & Geophysics Services“: the innovation lies not only in the services offered (some unique in Europe), but also in the method: IGS srl operates under the ISO 9001 certified quality system, and according to the most modern project management tools, and is the first to apply them transversally and jointly in the fields of engineering, geology, surveys and investigations.

An agile, multidisciplinary approach, going against the trend: at a time when every sector is in recession, IGS srl invests in training, the constant update of equipment and software, and it does so by overseeing the most peripheral areas of the country, where its team members can explore their passions, using their skills, enthusiasm and love for the territory in their daily activities.

IGS srl is engaged in Research and Development projects in order to perfect its unique services, and employs robotic instrumentation, remote control, and remote-sensing techniques.

“Do what you love and you will not work a single day of your life”: this is what drives IGS srl every day to face new and more complex assignments. Among all, the vertical ones, hanging from a rope, are the ones that made the company known on a national level. IGS srl prides itself with 5 technicians (geologists and engineers) assigned to work on ropes (on natural and artificial sites).

The only company able to offer a service ranging from surveying, investigation, monitoring and construction management on the wall.

Not only that: it does so by overturning the point of view; every problem is solved starting from a specialized and transversal analysis, followed by the developement of a project on it.


Igs Geotechnics & Geophisics Trieste Belluno

Dott. Geol. David Pomarè Montin


+39 340

Igs Geotechnics & Geophisics Trieste Belluno

Dott. Geol. Cristina Gerdol


+39 346 2102234

The 4 Departments

To offer highly specialized and integrated services, the structure is divided into 4 departments

Each department is guided by a manager, and all the managers work in close connection with each other.

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