IGS srl - Geotechnics & Geophysics

In recent years, the changing climate caused extreme weather conditions on a worldwide scale, producing catastrophic hydrological events.
For Italy this is particularly true, adding the fact that is a seismically active country.
Recently, financial resources were made available to mitigate hydrological and seismic risks, but the effective transfer of these to the territory needs an innovative and organized approach, consisting of a new way to deal with a continuously updated technical and procurement legislation.

In this context IGS Srl – Geotechnics & Geophysics”, is born as an highly specialized service company, composed of a team of young
professionals, that already demonstrated their potential both nationally and internationally.

Innovation is not only present in the proposed services (some exclusive of IGS Srl for Italy), but also in the method: the company’s structure is composed of 4 departments, headed by as many responsibles working in direct connection to each other, offering both an highly specialized approach and a multi-disciplinary analysis of each project. The entire process going from acquisition to processing, and to the restitution and modeling of the data is directly carried out by IGS Srl; geotechnical, seismic and geomechanical aspects are treated with an integrated method, assuring a result of great detail.

IGS Srl strenghts are from one side the investigation and 3D modeling, and from the other the ability to operate in hard and impervious environments by means of mountaineering techniques (industrial climbing services qualification – Italian Legislative decree 81/2008).

Business networks – Sharing Economy

With a forward look, IGS Srl puts a big effort in creating and developing a network of companies to offer a wide range of services, all guaranteed by figures that made of every specific service their profession.
The strong framework of connections widens IGS’s offer, starting from engineering, to photogrammetry, to laboratory tests, etc.

Main connections: ITS srl: the sharing of common services and core business is for the two companies a new way of working, and sees a mutual exponential growth. ITS srl is an engineering service company that is well-known throughout the national territory, which
oversees with various offices.

R’bk srl: the link with R’bk laboratory offers a complete range of soil and rock testing, with quality certified by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transports and the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. R’bk srl represents 40 years of experience and three work  areas: geotechnical, chemical and construction materials.

Founding members

Igs Geotechnics & Geophisics Trieste Belluno

Dott. Geol. David Pomarè Montin

Single Administrator

+39 340

Igs Geotechnics & Geophisics Trieste Belluno

Dott. Geol. Cristina Gerdol

Technical Director

+39 346 2102234

The 4 Departments

To offer highly specialized services (geology is subdivided into various specific and different sectors) and multi-disciplinary and integrated consulting services, IGS Srl structure is subdivided in 4 departments :


  • Engineering Services
  • Landslides
  • Monitoring


  • On the Wall
  • Unconventional methods
  • Conventional methods


  • On the Wall
  • Geognostic
  • Field survey


  • Thematic Mapping
    • Geology Perspective
    • Seismic Perspective
  • GIS analysis
  • Specialist advices

Each department is headed by a responsible, directly connected and working in synergy with the others.

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IGS s.r.l.
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    Via del Lazzaretto Vecchio 18, – 34123 Trieste (TS)
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  • Phone: +39 340 964 41 72
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