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The “Surveys” department encompasses all the activities strictly related to data acquisition: geognostic prospection, in-situ surveys, on-wall geomechanical analysis, etc. These are propaedeutic to modeling activities carried out by other departments, and very often are addressed to professionals, companies and public entities.
IGS Srl takes care of the planning, coordination and execution of the investigations with great passion, and with the conscience of those who are familiar with geotechnical modeling and reference standards, in addition to on-site operations.

IGS Srl works in direct contact with the R’bk geotechnical laboratory, certified by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transports, to offer a wide and constantly updated range of high quality services.

indagini geognostiche - IGS SRL
indagini geognostiche - IGS SRL

Examples of performed services

Bologna: Indagini geofisiche e geognostiche, progettazione geologica, geotecnica e sismica
Pontelungo di Bologna – Progettazione definitiva ed esecutiva
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Belluno - Cortina 2021
Piano straordinario ANAS per l’accessibilità a “Cortina 2021”
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Progettazione geologica, geotecnica, sismica, Indagini geofisiche e geognostiche
Mondiali “Cortina 2021” – infrastrutture e strutture sportive
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Adeguamento della viabilità Comune di Vigo di Cadore
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